I come from a long line of sign writers and am happiest with a brush and some paint! Add
paint to fabric and I get really excited!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Like a lot of other people, I have a busy schedule. Lately for a variety of reasons, it has been especially busy. When I do get free time, I like to jump into my studio and unleash some of that pent up creativity! There are so many ideas! And so many tools to use! And so many places for said tools to hide! 

I remember doing some tidying up sometime before Christmas. I have two small sets of red metal drawers from Ikea that are perfect for storing things like small bottles of paint, markers, tape, scissors - all the sorts of items that need homes. I re-organized all those small items in the drawers in a sensible, logical order. At the time I did notice some gaps in very basic tools, such as quilting needles, and I registered the thought that I needed to get in a new supply. I also have a very vague memory of considering ordering a Platinum quilting needle. But, apparently that is as far as I got with my plans because on Saturday when I decided to start quilting the small top I had basted, all I could find were some very bent quilting needles that had obviously been missed in my great sweeping re-organization. Three needles that had already given their best and one lonely finger cot....that is all I could scrape together.

So, you might think I would have those items on my shopping list. I might even have considered making a trip downtown to pick some up. Or placed an order online. Isn’t it all about ease of execution? Making the activity fun and relaxing? Well, that all makes perfect sense. But, what have I done? I have made do with what I have and managed to spend some hours relaxing and quilting a project that only this time last week lay languishing on a shelf in my studio. And after excitedly discovering some new to me water based fabric paints online, I have ordered paint and fabric....

Logical? No. The way I tend to do things? Yep!

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