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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Barbados sunshine

This quilt has almost felt like cheating, but I have to admit, this speedy quilting design is effective and I like it! I have loved this quilt top since I pieced it - quite a while ago - and I have wanted to quilt it for just as long. I made several tops in this design, a simple rail fence block with lots of opportunity for play and layout possibilities. I used to keep a basket of these blocks near my sewing and my children would spend hours laying them on the floor in different patterns. 

The majority of the fabric used in this top is from Barbados. My parents had a  second home there for approximately 30 years and when they were there, it was guaranteed that Mom would check out the many fabric stores for beautiful screen printed panels to bring back home. Mom was always excited to find sea island cotton to sew with and for good reason! This beautiful, luxurious fabric drapes amazingly and just feels so darn good. It has a sheen to it that most polished cottons nowadays cannot even come close to. And sewing with it is a dream! I remember Mom making me blouses and dresses from sea island cotton that I loved to wear because they felt so comfy yet were so crisp and fresh all the time. Some of these panels I used in this top were printed on this wonderful fabric and I even integrated a full panel as part of the backing. 

I didn’t want to quilt anything too dense so this ribbon design seemed a good choice. It was such a quick and fun design to quilt, I am thinking I may just have to use it again soon....as in on the next quilt to go on the machine! Quilt tops seem to be showing up in unexpected corners and this simple yet effective quilting pattern could work for a couple of them. I used this gorgeous marigold Glide thread by Fil-Tec and am loving how it works so well with the fabric!

I also find I am starting to relax a bit more too as I quilt - yesterday I caught myself driving one handed! Which is good except I had a snack firmly gripped in the other hand.....hmmm.....maybe I should follow the rules of the road and maintain the recommended 10 and 2 and keep the kitchen in the kitchen. Wish me luck!

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  1. Looks great. The quilt pattern is very cool.

  2. Wow Jennifer, I can't get over the fact that you are so relaxed now on the F55, that you're already driving with one hand!! What beautiful work you do!

  3. Thanks, Marjorie! I have to admit, this is the color palette I am more comfortable with - black and brights!

  4. Thanks, Elle! I love the versatility of the split rail fence and these loose ribbons designs seemed to work well for this one.

  5. Thanks, Jackie! I am trying to nip that one handed business in the bud - I think there is some left brain, right brain stuff going on that needs to be addressed...haha

  6. I I love the ribbon pattern! It seems quite effective on those bright fabrics. I'd love to see a picture of the whole quilt.

  7. You had so little time to work at it and look at the finish product, I'm SO glad for you. I love your work! See you soon...