I come from a long line of sign writers and am happiest with a brush and some paint! Add
paint to fabric and I get really excited!!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A little project

In the few minutes I find here and there, I made a cover for the new sketchbook my friend, Nancy picked up for me at Barnes and Noble on our recent trip to Maine.
Since I had all these stamped bits and pieces to chose from, I decided to incorporate one of my stamped raspberries with some of my hand dyed fabrics. I wanted to embellish the cover a bit more, so I used Shiva Paintsticks to rub a leaf design on both back and front.
I made a pocket on each side for the covers to slip over and know they will stay put.
I also painted a one inch wide strip and fused and stitched it to the front for more interest. I used some shiny thread I had and finisheded by adding a charm and a bead.  And there would be no chance I would be sewing those on! I used my handy dandy E-6000 to glue them in place!

There won’t be any awards given out for my design and execution, but I like it and I think it adds some class to my stack of sketchbooks and moleskins.

And in our “Tomato Talk” corner, because I know everyone is simply itching to know how mine are doing, don’t these look yummy!


  1. Yes, those tomatoes look very yummy! And such a pretty sketchbook cover. Very clever

  2. Interesting idea Jennifer....nice tomatoes too Mine are growing nicely now, but not ripe.

  3. Great project, beautifully executed and your tomatoes are looking delicious!

  4. Thanks so much, Ilene! I joke that we hope to have at least enough tomatoes for 4 or 5 sandwiches - but these, red grape tomatoes will be eaten one by one as they ripen!

  5. Thanks, Marjorie! I have 4 types growing and only the red grape are ripening yet. The early girls and big boys are busting at the seams but still various shades of green.

  6. Thanks, Lorette! Those red grapes are dear at this point - if I can keep them growing - they take soooo much dedication! - I should have a nice little basket full. I have 4 types and about 2 dozen plants in various stages of growth so am hoping to get a few big juicy ones!

  7. I love that cover! Just the right amount of design.
    Your tomatoes are ahead of mine. I just picked my first red one today.

  8. Thanks, Holly! I have two more to cover - different sizes. Not sure yet what I wil do with them. And I planted 4 types of tomatoes and the red grape have been ripening quickest. The big boys are huge but still green and the early girls are starting to ripen gradually. I can’t remember what the 4th type is, but I planted it later and the blossoms are just developing now. Sure hope the weatherman is right and that we have another 10 weeks of warm weather! My tomatoes will need it!