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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Sunday in November along PEI’s South Shore

This past weekend, we made a little trip to visit my Dad and family on Prince Edward Island. It was windy and cold and I am so glad I wasn’t driving when we crossed the Confederation Bridge. I am not fond of bridges and when the wind is strong, I like them even less. I counted my knitting stitches very loudly, outloud all the way across. 

We took Dad’s dog, Jake for a walk and raced at high speed in an effort to keep from freezing completely. It was so chilly, my husband wasn’t interested in jumping on the frozen furrows with me although I did convince him to stomp on some ice covered puddles along the road! So much fun!

Here are some glimpses of my island, the south shore of beautiful PEI on a crisp, sunny Sunday in November.....


  1. I'm with you on bridges! Especially that long one across the Strait!! YIKES! On any day, it's windy across the Strait! OH SO PRETTY PHOTOS Jennifer!! Thank you for sharing them...

  2. Oh, how beautiful! We've so enjoyed PEI, and the bridge, on the two visits we've made there, this makes me want to go again!

  3. Cold or not, it is undeniably beautiful! I love the ice on the grass in the last photo!

  4. I still have the odd nightmare about the old Hillsborough Bridge that we had to travel to get to our cottage in Rosebank, directly across the harbour from Charlottetown. It was an old train bridge and you could see the turbulent water below under you between the slats! My Mom used to walk that bridge almost daily and it horrifies me to know she couldn’t swim..Nice to know I am not the only one who dislikes bridges though I am not good on high cliffs either..Glad you enjoyed the photos! i think PEI is pretty anytime of year.

  5. I am so glad you enjoyed the photos! PEI is a wonderful place with so many areas to see and enjoy. It was an amazing place to grow up and I don’t think you ever stop being an “island girl”.

  6. It sure is, isn’t it? I know you always enjoy your time there- I find there is just never time to explore areas other than home when I do go, but it has such charm, I am okay without wandering too far. That last photo isn’t actually ice! There are two patched of ornamental grasses on the side of the road and the wind was blowing so hard, and in so many directions, I couldn’t get a nice quiet picture. They were quite magical, I felt.