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Monday, April 28, 2014

Family Time in Cozumel

This has been my view for the last 9 days...
Our little family had a wonderfully relaxed vacation in Cozumel, Mexico and we spent so much time in the water! We snorkelled and snorkelled some more. We swam in the big waves off the west coast.
We snorkelled off a dock, off a boat, along a shore, and over coral reefs. We snorkelled in shallow water and in water 50 to 60 feet deep. We swam in the fresh water pool.
After diving for 25 years along the Atlantic Canadian shores, my husband did his first tropical water dives and I think he kind of liked it.

Cozumel is a scuba diving and snorkelling destination, and really suited us, a family of water babes.
We saw sea turtles, a live conch, schools of tangs of all colors, clown fish, schools of triggerfish, stingrays, lobster, and so many barracudas. The waters there are so warm and so clear, it was simply wonderful.
So wonderful.


  1. It sure does sound blissful!

  2. sigh - sounds like you had a wonderful time!

  3. It really was. It was so relaxing - just what we all needed, too. A “holiday” this time - not an “adventure” as we usually have.

  4. It was just great, Lorette! The perfect spot for downtime and R&R.

  5. It was wonderful! Lots of water time makes me a very happy girl! And the water there is so warm. The island doesn’t have a lot of attractions, so it was a perfect spot for us to have a real “holiday”.