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Monday, August 18, 2014

Summertime Baking

So many of my very useful tools are ones my Mom gave me. This great little outdoor oven is one of the most useful appliances. It is perfect for those hot summer days when you just don’t want to add any extra heat to your house, yet still want to bake or cook.
Over the years I have hosted numerous summertime parties, celebrations, family dinners and this little Toastmaster oven has been at the centre of it all! There have been turkeys and hams roasted, muffins, breads, scones and biscuits baked, veggies roasted, so much yummy food prepared.

This summer there have been whole cut up chickens cooked in fresh springs of rosemary (14) and garlic cloves (I used 28, but the recommended is 40) and pans of blueberry muffins and banana chocolate muffins. There have been loaves of zucchini breads and sheets of biscuits, quite a few batches actually, as I search for the recipe that works for me.

With the recent cool temperatures and heavy rain we are experiencing, I suspect those hot, sultry days are soon behind us. I am hoping there are still a few more days where I have an excuse to sit on my deck basking in the sun while fresh basil scones bake, or a lovely medley of fresh garden veggies roasts.


  1. That looks like a great cooker! And the scones look delicious.
    Are you taking quilts for machine quilting?

  2. Jennifer Scantlebury VienneauAugust 19, 2014 at 9:23 AM

    They did actually turn out well, Holly! But, my son is here for a week and he is making my Mom’s biscuits for me this morning. He has a real knack for baking and cooking so I am excited! I am taking quilts for longarming - do you have some you would like quilted? Email me at jenscantvienneau@rogers.com Thanks!

  3. I don't think I've seen one of those - how perfect for the summer time! Everything sounds delicious, and those scones have my mouth watering! yum!

  4. Our son gave us one and we used it once! It went to the thrift store before we left CA! Glad you find it useful! Those biscuits look delicious!

  5. Jennifer Scantlebury VienneauAugust 21, 2014 at 7:45 AM

    They are perfect for the summer, Janet! I love using mine. So simple and easy! And always sad when it is time to pack it away again for another year..

  6. Jennifer Scantlebury VienneauAugust 21, 2014 at 7:47 AM

    Well, to each his own, I say. I love mine and use it a lot. That batch of biscuits was actually not bad, but I am really looking forward to the ones my son is making this morning using my Mom’s recipe!! Gabe is the only one who can recreate her delicious bites of perfect biscuit! Yum!!