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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Happy New Brunswick Day!

Oh what a summer it has been!! I don’t remember experiencing such a stretch of hot, dry weather in a very long time.

It feels as though we need to store up this glorious sunshine and heat, so my hubby and I spent the past long weekend making the most of the great NB outdoors. One day we swam and snorkelled at a favorite spot in Cap Pele, where we spotted starfish, schools of cutters and even a school of striped bass who were so social, we could swim right up to them!

We celebrated New Brunswick Day doing that most Canadian activity - canoeing.  I always feel very patriotic when I canoe.....tonight I told my hubby when they finally opened up a canoeing category for mixed couples (old mixed couples he added...lol) in the Olympics, I know he and I would be on the podium!

This is the view on the section of the Cocagne River that we were exploring. It doesn’t get much better than this.....


  1. I learned canoeing at Girl Guide camp and it sure doesn't get better.   Thinking of those paddles makes me sigh.  Lovely!

  2. A fellow Girl Guide alumni!! I spent a lot of fun years in Guiding learning to build at least 5 types of outdoor fires, to patch canvas, to build and use latrines, tying together all kinds of chairs, and wash stands....sleeping in the old military tents where the water flowed right under the sides when it rained. I was one of a group of 3 to earn the first Winter Camping badge - and my mom says I have never recovered. The temp was -52 degrees that night as we slept in a lean-to built under spruce trees carved into a huge snowdrift. I had long hair that froze and my girlfriend peed on the zipper of her snowmobile suit and was frozen into it until we got home and thawed. Ah, the memories!! lol