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Monday, August 13, 2012

In the spirit of the Olympic Games, I am passing my blogging baton to my incredibly talented nephew, Ryan while I take a small blogging hiatus.

Ryan is one of those people who thinks in color, dreams in color and can paint and draw with color. Actually he fills the room with color when he walks in. If you have not met him before, in no time at all, you will love him just as the rest of us do. He is bright, articulate, outgoing and just downright huggable. And in our circle, huggable is everything!

I was lucky enough to be around when he was born and to watch him grow up. When he was old enough, he was my children’s first baby sitter. He baked with them, created with them, sang with them, drew with them, played games with them. I am positive Ryan was a contributing factor in their early reading skills and in helping them develop as such creative thinkers. 

For 4 years I was lucky enough to have Ryan live in the same city my daughter was studying in. Now I am lucky that he lives and works in the same city as my son.

Once again he is helping me out and lending me his time! Thanks, Ry! Love you like no other! xoxox

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  1. Hi Jennifer!  This seems to be the only way to reach you, unless I'm having one of those moments.  You've volunteered to be featured as a FF on TNTN  (Friday Feature, The Needle and Thread Network).  Would you get back to me on that and I'll send you information?