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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Quilt Shop ala Iceland

There was one very large quilt shop in all of Iceland. Patchwork is very new to this country with quilting groups being organized only over the last several decades. Apparently there are now over 450 active guild members on the island. 

Other interesting statistics: there are 320,000 people living in Iceland and 37% of all residents live in Rekyjavik, the largest city on the island; there are over 500,000 sheep (so many that they only shear them once a year!) although after the recent freak snowstorm, that number has dropped by 100, possibly more(!); there are 32 letters in the Icelandic alphabet; there are 100 different colors of Icelandic horses, each with their own name. 

But, back to the quilt shop! The store is called Virka and what a beautiful store it is! They sell furniture, home decor and home sewing as well as anything and everything you could possibly need to quilt! The large bottom floor is entirely devoted to quilting materials and supplies. 

This was just one row of flannels between rooms....

This was the beige to brown section - I can’t begin to guess how many bolts this store has but you would be hard pressed to not find something in your color range!
Virka has an extensive selection of Bali batiks that would rival any American quilt shop - grounded or online! Unfortunately, I found the prices were on the high end as well, but if you were looking for a specific colorway, this was where you would find it.

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