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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Comforting cushions

My holiday gifting included some cushions. Again I used the Wilton easy Image transfer sheets along with simple photo editing in my Mac to print the images I wanted to use.

I made my Dad this cushion using a photo he took of Mom on their honeymoon over 59 years ago. They had travelled from PEI to Truro, NS and were staying in the cabin situated behind Mom in the photo. I simply love the look on Mom’s face as she sits reading....as Dad said, the photo should be titled, “ I got him!!”  My parents married young - Mom made Dad wait until she turned 18 while he was a mature 21 (!) and their running story was how Mom chased Dad till she caught him, and Dad chased Mom till he caught her! Of course we are all really glad neither one of them ran too hard, or too far.

I used this beautiful poppy fabric because Mom loved flowers, especially poppies, and her absolute favorite color was red! And I am pretty sure Mom bought me all the fabric I used for this. She was always doing that; feeding my fabric habit.

I made this cushion for my son, who like his grandfather, loves all things nautical. I found copyright free clip-art of these mariner’s compasses online and printed it, ironed it on white fabric, and then added a simple black border. My son actually hasn’t seen this yet as I will ship it to him with the shirts I altered for him. I am pretty sure he doesn’t read my blog so I am safe in sharing it here. Just a small, easy project that I think will look good in his new apartment. I have a second, larger cushion for him in the works and am hoping to make headway on that tomorrow. 

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