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Monday, January 21, 2013

Power hungry

My husband has been sick with the current winter flu for the past 3 days and I have to admit, I am starting to bite at the bit. Why, oh why, are all my toys noisy? He is the best patient when he is sick - never complains, doesn’t “hear” my noise, and all he wants to do is sleep and be left alone....Still, I feel guilty if I start a motor and I know my sewing machine plus some music or a DVD playing would no doubt be annoying. And it is too damn cold to stay outdoors for more than a few minutes. 

I have multitudes of quiet occupations I could pursue. I don’t need to sew that binding on right now, or piece the back for the next quilt to go on my longarm, but I want to do them. Now. Honestly, I am like this when the power goes out, too. All of a sudden, when faced with no access to my “power” tools, I need want to use them all at that very moment, even if I had been dreaming for days of time to read, or knit, or sketch. Even my spin bike is magnetic (no plug in required!) and so quiet, I could bike and you wouldn’t hear me 10 feet away. Well, except for my laboured breathing. And my very loud techno music which is a requirement for spin. Of course, I would wear my earbuds. But, breathless or not, I sing along. Loudly and badly....”Starships are meant to flyyyyy....”  So that’s out. No matter. I am totally unreasonable and I know it.

As much as I love to use my hands and create within quiet occupations, I am completed addicted to power cords and electricity. And my longarm is just the latest in a long line of things Jennifer needs to plug in to use. For example, today I used the kettle, toaster, magic bullet, blender, iron, computer, sewing machine, TV, oven, microwave, second computer, landline, charger, photocopier and I should have used my flat iron ( trip the hair salon soon - yippee!). My heat is electric, I used the overhead lights, woke up to the alarm radio and the hot water wouldn’t have been hot without the power it takes. And this is when I am trying to be quiet. Sigh.

I can survive without a power bar and a place to plug it in. When we travel, we camp a lot and our tent isn’t rigged with electricity. I manage. Quite happily actually. Perhaps the main difference is that this is planned time away from my toys and tools. If I know and am prepared, I am content. And as long as I am in some connected to my family via technology, I am fine. Although I have learned that 48 hours is too long without contact when your holidays conflict with natural disasters. And we do seem to have a track record for attracting or travelling in areas where the earth is having issues....ask our kids.....

Anyway. I think he is awake and my sewing machine is calling my name. Time to sneak in a seam or two.....

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  1. Thanks for your wonderful comment Jennifer...That runner you like....the fabric came from a win from Contemporary Cloth...I love the green print.