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paint to fabric and I get really excited!!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Babies are grand!

Our family has been very fortunate in many ways, thirteen of these being grand nieces and nephews. My husband's side of the family is a little more prolific than mine, but we love all of them equally. The oldest of this group just started his first year of university, and the youngest is just five weeks old! And we are expecting number 14 early in the new year! Recently we drove to Nova Scotia to help celebrate my niece’s little guy’s 4th birthday! His younger sister tends to lead my hubby around by the nose, as he just melts into a big old puddle when he gets to spend time with her. 

I finally have a little gift ready to send to the newest member of the family. As always when I need a baby gift, I wrangled a sweet little hat from my sister, Joanne and I made a soft little quiltlet that I tied with some soft pink thread to add to the parcel.


  1. Your sisters creations are sooo beautiful! This little hat is quite cute and the quiltlet will be cherished I'm sure! very pretty colors.

  2. What a sweet gift! I love the colors and is that actually a square of satin there?

  3. Thanks, Lorette! Jo will appreciate your comment - I am tempted to get her to knit a hat like this for me! lol

  4. Thanks, Holly! And yes, it is like the blanket binding. There are squares of minky and eyelet in it as well. This is for Pauline’s new grand-daughter!