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Friday, September 27, 2013

St Paul’s Church - “Stories in Stitches"

The church I grew up in is currently hosting a quilt, hooked rug and needlework show, “Stories in Stitches”, in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. I have one special quilt in the show, as well as another I quilted for a friend on my longarm.

But, I was most pleased about this......

I was sent these photos by one of the convenors and it was my daughter who pointed out that the liturgical shawl my Mom and I made for Mom’s friend, a deacon in the church, was displayed near the altar. You can see it draped behind a beautiful hooked rug on the right hand side of this photo.

It’s comforting, and only right, to think that Mom’s stitching was part of a show she would have no doubt been very excited about and involved in. 


  1. Beautiful exhibit Jennifer! I hope you get to attend it this weekend. Would love to see your quilts too; your mother's liturgical shawl looks lovely... what talent with a needle!

  2. I wish I was in Charlottetown this weekend to visit the church. So beautiful, and I think your Mom knows her stitching is in the show.

  3. The show is lovely and they have had a great response to it! I am hoping they will make it an annual or bi-annual event. St Paul’s is a beautiful, historic property and the perfect backdrop for a show of this type, or almost anything for that matter!

  4. Thanks, Jeanette! The show is beautiful and St Paul’s is such the perfect background. Hopefully it will become an annual or b-annual event! They are experiencing a great response so hopefully that will help sway their decision in future.