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Monday, January 6, 2014

2013 and Cause for Celebration

I have a number of blogs I am faithful to. And sometimes I tend to wander across the internet, checking ones that are new to me. At this time of year, many bloggers are posting about their New Years resolutions, their “word" for 2014, a visual list of what they accomplished or created in 2013. Not me.

2013 was tough. It was all new territory for me because it was my first year without my beloved Mom. I have to honest, I couldn’t tell you what I did for the first six months. I don’t remember last Christmas, I have no idea when spring arrived. I do remember sewing a lot because I feel close to Mom when I sew; she taught me to sew, she bought me many of my tools and materials, and sewing and quilting were things we discussed all the time. I know I watched the Ellen Degeneres show some days and cried a lot when they gave away gifts and money to deserving folk. Tears are always near the surface.

I am intensely proud of my children. Family is the be all, end all to me and our “little” family as I refer to my husband, myself and our two children, is what I think of first each day and last each night. My children are young adults living and working away on their own and when we get to spend time together, I can’t get much happier. Having occasions to celebrate makes it even better.

2013 did have occasion for celebration. My daughter realized her goal of receiving her MA in Physiotherapy and in October my little family gathered in Halifax to celebrate her success at a dinner and dance awards evening and then  watched her cross the university stage the next day, as she transformed from student to professional. As she received her degree, she gave us all a huge double thumbs up and then literally danced for her professors who sat on the stage.

She told me afterwards that she knew she couldn’t have gotten away with these antics when she received her undergrad at McGill, but Dal was relaxed just enough for her to manage it. Well, I expect nothing less from my Drama daughter as she sealed this momentous time in her life with her own special something.

2014 is a big number. I have hopes for this year, for myself and for my family, little and extended. I should be considering recording my goals, but I am not. I have ideas of what I want to accomplish and places I want to visit, both in the  physical and cognitive sense, and for now that is enough. I did make some plans for myself for this year and soon I will begin to see these through. After that? Well, we will just see what develops, I think. For now, I am okay with that.


  1. Beautiful family picture Jennifer!!! And I like your attitude! Go with the flow is better than planning it out and being disappointed in the long run! I much prefer it this way too! Can't wait for R2CA!!!

  2. Congrats to your daughter, and to you and your family as they supported her through this huge step in life! The thought of your tears brings tears to my eyes, when I remember our most recent losses - it's okay to cry away the time until ready to move forward. Looking forward to seeing your sewing projects, and celebrating them with you this coming year!

  3. It is wonderful to celebrate momentous occasions with our children. Congrats! I don't have big ideas for this year. Things will be unsettled for a bit as my daughter comes back from Korea and figures out what she's doing. I don't like the feeling and I'm spending my time trying to find ways to live in the moment something I'm not good at.

  4. Thank you so much for your kind words and support, Peg. I appreciate you visiting and keeping in touch.

  5. Thanks, Holly! I understand you feeling unsettled; I also have difficulty with change and interruptions. With all your daughter’s experience, I am sure she will make an easy transition back to student. It is so great when our kids succeed, isn’t it?

  6. Thanks, Lorette! I am hoping I am on the right track and I think starting off with you at the Road is certainly a great way to begin!