I come from a long line of sign writers and am happiest with a brush and some paint! Add
paint to fabric and I get really excited!!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

SAQA 2104 Anniversary Trunk Show piece

Getting projects completed makes anybody feel good. I love seeing a project through to completion and when I get another one checked off my list, well, yahoo for me!

I am working very diligently at revamping my approach to shows and exhibitions. My new attitude is basically, why not? I have no burning desire to compete, but I am also feeling it is okay to be included. So, when the call came out for the SAQA 2104 Anniversary Trunk Show and our Regional Rep reminded us that we should all be involved, I made a concerted effort to get a piece done. Besides, the piece is only 7 x 10; I could fit that into an already overfull schedule. Why not?

So, I created my little art quilt using another little sketch I had waiting for the time I needed to get it onto fabric. It is painted, fused and beaded following the same procedure I outlined in my last post. A recent purchase of a WHOLE ROLL of Mistyfuse..be still my heart!...is going to make working on pieces such as this an absolute dream. New beading needles and thread are also going to help. 

I mailed my piece off and as I did, I got thinking about how maybe I did need a new word or phrase as guidance for my year. Maybe I do need a controlling factor to my days. So, I think I have found it...why not? Why not indeed!

I'll let you know how it goes..


  1. That is such a cute piece Jennifer

  2. Thanks so much, Marjorie!!

  3. Oh Jennifer, I just love your little quilty so much. You are so talented. .I am interested in how you finished the edge. Can you tell me how you did that? Its hard to tell on my screen,

  4. Thanks so much, Linda! I go the easiest route and used fused strips. I press them to the from first in two opposing sides. Then I wrap them to the back and fuse, trimming the ends to match the quilt. Then I fuse strips on the other two sides making sure each strip is hanging at least 1/2 inch over each end. Then I wrap those strips to the back and fuse, folding the extra 1/2 over the raw edges and fuse. I trim a limitless square from those corners of the binding so I don't get build up on the four corners. If I need to I build tuck a little snippet of wonder under in those corners to make sure the binding doesn't flap up. I fuse on a goddess sheet (teflon) so the adhesive doesn't stick where it shouldn't.
    Thanks again!!

  5. Thanks for the explanation. That is an awesome technique.

  6. Just re-read my reply to you, Linda and again I curse autocorrect on my iPhone! I guess you figured I meant “Press them to the front", not from, and a little square, not a limitless square..sorry about that and hope this makes it clearer..

  7. autocorrect can be a pain sometimes. No prob...I figured it out. tks

  8. It's a gorgeous little piece and I love the feeling it evokes! You'll have to remind me of how to use this Misty Fuse as I am such a newbie! Why not? Love it... I heard that a few times this past week!! I may even have said it a few times myself!! :)

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