I come from a long line of sign writers and am happiest with a brush and some paint! Add
paint to fabric and I get really excited!!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Longarm Love

Gradually my longarm and I are becoming fast friends. As I continue to learn, I am gradually finishing up some small baby quilts in-between what I have dubbed my practice pieces. I have started with very basic designs on the quilts, but I go wild and crazy on my practice pieces!! These are full of sunflowers and meandering vines, wacky feathers that no bird would claim ownership of, script, doodles, whatever my heart and hands find themselves creating. Before I purchased this machine, I had a cautious curiosity about pantographs. Right now they hold no more than a passing interest. Time will tell, but I am drawn more and more to freehand design work. Perhaps this is a logical spin-off from my sign writing days.

It is very neat to combine my two loves; the basics of sewing combined with the skills of lettering and brush control. My hubby peered over my shoulder early on and commented that he could see why I was drawn to longarming - it is very similar to sign writing. And he is right! It feels very familiar and comfortable.

And though it is the season of bare feet and cool sandals at best, these are my footwear of choice as I stitch merrily along! These waterproof (yippee! dry toes! woot! woot!) puppies are brand spanking new and my feet need to adjust to them and the socks I have stuffed in there. To be honest, it is tough job as I have never met a pair of clogs I didn’t like (because you can slip them off when no one is looking) and socks never stay long on my feet. But, as long as I am focused on creating designs with my F55, I forget my feet encased in leather and I stitch merrily along.....


  1. You know I must have read it before but I just realized you are from Moncton! We're not so very far away!
    I think your machine quilting looks great. You'll be an expert at it soon.
    I too welcomed a rainy day, but now it dreadfully hot again.

  2. Actually we have met, Holly! I used to man the booth for Quilting B and More at the Moncton show and I also helped Karen B at the merchants mall when your guild had their first show (an amazing  show it was, too!). My hubby is from Beresford and my sister in law, two of hubby’s aunts and a cousin are all in the North Star Guild. Small world!