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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


You never know what you will get with a Maritime summer. I remember hot, muggy summers of past, but I also remember some very cool, rainy months that were no comfort once winter arrived. I have been known to hit the beaches no matter what the conditions, but I admit, I love it best when the water is warm, the wind is slight and the sun is shining! The past two weekends have been perfect beach weather and I have managed to visit a number of beaches both in NB and on PEI.

My favorite beach is the one I grew up on in Cumberland, PEI. The sandbars stretch for miles and the water is some of the warmest north of Florida. When I was young it seemed like I lived on that beach! I remember eating my lunch sandwich in the water because I just couldn’t bear to get out of it for very long. When my children were small, we spent all the time we could here swimming, playing maze on the sandbars, beach combing, building sandcastles. And we were excited to introduce yet another generation to this magical place with my niece's 2 children during our Christmas in June celebration. 

This weekend I joined my husband in Tracadie-Sheila in the northern part of NB and we walked the almost deserted Val-Comeau beach. Such a beautiful stretch of sand that reaches from one village to the next!

On Saturday we drove to his hometown of Beresford, NB and visited two lovely beaches where we have swum many times over the years. We stopped at Youghall Beach- where we have been known to take midnight dips - although today it simply provided a spot to eat lunch. 

We also visited with some cousins at Beresford Beach, another area we have spent much time swimming and fishing and laughing with family over the years.

The sound of waves crashing on the shore, the smell of the salt air, the feel of sand, the sometimes gentle, sometimes wild winds....ah, bliss......


  1. Bliss indeed!  I feel cooler just by walking through your photos.  Beautiful!

  2. Thanks, Elle! Is it hot out your way?