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paint to fabric and I get really excited!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

More Halifax quilting....

As Simone and I started making our way around the Dal Campus Saturday morning, I realized she really needed to see the Fibre Arts Network Quilt Show. After checking out the Nova Scotia Miniature Challenge and partaking of some fresh baked goodies, we headed over to Risley Hall. It was a great opportunity for me to enjoy this wonderful show again and I was right! My daughter thoroughly enjoyed seeing it as well. Interestingly, the show and its' artists became our center of reference for the rest of the weekend!

After viewing the National Juried Show, the Invitational Quilt Show, the Trend Tex Challenge and a quick visit round the Merchants Mall, we ran out of energy and time. Fortunately the Studio Art Quilt Associates SAQA juried show, “Rooted”, which features regional members of this non-profit organization at the Mary E. Black Gallery continues until June 10th, so we were able to visit it before we left Halifax this morning. After a tasty breakfast at the Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market we walked the few hundred yards to the gallery. What a great show hi-lighting some incredible Atlantic talent!! Well worth seeing if you happen to be near or in the city. 


  1. How was the show???? I had a couple of Manitoba lady quilters stop in to my shop on their way back from Halifax.....they loved it!

  2. We really enjoyed seeing all the exhibits we had a chance to see at Quilt Canada! I can see why they enjoyed it!