I come from a long line of sign writers and am happiest with a brush and some paint! Add
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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fusion of time

I believe I mentioned the piece showcased in my blog banner is one of my favorites. I enjoy re-creating it in various sizes and using various methods. I have to admit though, my go-to method tends to be fusing with satin stitch. I connect this back to my sign writing background - I am replicating the solid outline I always used in my graphics. In the quilting world, adding “pop” is an oft used phrase, but I like to say that solid line of colored satin stitch adds “punch”.

Wonder Under has been my fusible of choice for the most part over the years though more recently I have added Steam a Seam to my worktable. Both keep the fabric somewhat stiff so I was hoping to score some of the newest Misty Fuse at the Quilt Canada Merchants Mall. I never did track it down because somehow I got distracted by the Inktense pencils and a roll of stencil material....oops.

But that is okay. I am used to searching for the tools I want - it makes me think if I really want them bad enough to keep looking! And more times than enough, I discover things I wasn’t expecting to find and often find something even better than what I first set out for - a regular treasure hunt! 

I try to be consistent in always labelling my quilts. I have taught my label making workshop many times and still enjoy creating memorable labels for my pieces. For this piece I decided to do it quick and printed a photo of my children as they set out one morning to Montessori with Simone carrying her 4th birthday cupcakes to share with their friends. I chuckle every time I see this and wonder just where the years have gone....5 and 4 are now 25 and 24....how did that happen?? 

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  1. Joanne Scantlebury MuckartJuly 5, 2012 at 5:40 PM

    I love your piece of course, but your labels are such works of art, heart and soul, and your children are so wonderful....:)