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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Quilt Canada 2012

Fortunately it is a beautiful weekend in Halifax! The perfect sort of day to wander the Dal campus and take in some great quilt exhibits that are part of Quilt Canada 2012. Yesterday I took in several shows including FAN at Risley Hall. What a great little show! This group is in their own words, a “ co-operative of self defined art quilters based in Western Canada” and I really enjoyed seeing their innovative work. The show is travelling, so check and see if it is coming to your area! 

I was also able to duck into the Merchants Mall for a few minutes. It is crazy how easy it is to spend money quickly (yikes!), but I really didn’t do the shops justice, so today my lovely daughter has joined me, and we will head back over soon. I still need to have some more quality time with my good friend, Karen from Quilting B and More and there are many shows yet to take in.

I will be sure to see the National Juried Show where my quilting friend, Juanita Allain has won a 2nd place for Excellence in Originally Interpreted Traditional Wallquilt for her piece, 25th Anniversary Stars. This was a piece Juanita designed and executed as part of the 25th Anniversary Challenge for the Greater Moncton Quilt Guild - a challenge my friend, Nancy and I organized - so I am happy to have helped provide inspiration for the beginnings of this beautiful quilt! Congratulations, Juanita!

If you have never been to Halifax, put it on your bucket list! It is a beautiful little city surrounded by rugged, yet peaceful shores. Over the years I have lived in various parts of this province of Nova Scotia and even though I “come from away”, it always feels like coming home. 

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