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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Office

I love this time of year! I spend as much time as I can outdoors, so I often move out to what I call my “summer office”. We have decks on two sides of our home so we can take advantage of the morning and afternoon sun - or hide in the shade when the temps get a bit too warm. Over the last few days I have spent a few hours out there stitching and sketching - always with my handy iTools nearby. I have been making my way through quite a few UFO’s and it feels really great to start taking a bite out of the pile that has accumulated over the past....years....yikes! As I work, I have been watching episodes of The Quilt Show to keep me inspired. And a nice cool beverage is always welcome!! And yes, we use mason jars for glassware in this house....

I have never professed to be a great gardener. My thumb is only green when I am dyeing or painting fabric but, that doesn’t mean I don’t try just a little gardening. My hubby made me three window boxes for one deck and our children gave me two more for the kitchen deck on Mother’s Day years ago. This means I can have a small selection of flowers and herbs to enjoy each summer. I love variety, so every year I chose new-to-me annuals for the flower boxes (although I seem to be drawn to begonias again this year I must admit). And I always, always have at least 2 basil plants and a mixture of mints that can be added to teas. 

Every morning I visit both decks and simply exult in the sheer pleasure of the bright, vibrant colors of the blossoms and the variety of greens. I rub the leaves of each herb and enjoy their distinct scents. That is often when I decide we will have margarita pizza with fresh basil for supper or perhaps a chilled mint tea with whatever berry happens to be the fridge at lunchtime. 

This week I am also connecting to The Needle and Thread Network. Check it out!


  1. I feel relaxed just reading your post! I want to come for tea on your deck, please!

  2. Your photos are lovely.  I suspect my green thumb is like yours!

  3. Sounds lovely......very relaxing:) 

  4. Your flowers are looking quite fine.  I am addicted to red geraniums so must have them every year, along with the mint and basil and this year sage...

  5. Your summer office sounds idyllic! Gorgeous flower shots! You say that you don't have a green thumb, but those flowers are looking pretty fantastic to me!

  6. It seems you have no mosquitoes etc? If we stand still here we get sucked dry, and even moving around in the garden I get plenty of stings and bites.  

  7. JenscantvienneauJune 22, 2012 at 9:54 PM

    We actually do! Plus a lot of blackflies and I am allergic to both!! I think it has been so dry this week that we have been lucky. It started raining today though so out luck might have run out. 

  8. Joanne Scantlebury MuckartJuly 5, 2012 at 5:36 PM

    WoW Your flower shots look better than real!:) And you make better use of your deck than most people I know :)