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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Low immersion

Once I get my dye stuffs out, I tend to want to keep going. I had another lovely session and came up with some great greens to add to my stash. I use Procion MX cold water dyes and a minimum of fuss.

I buy my soda ash in large quantity from the local swimming pool store and use a selection of dollar store mixing cups, dish pans, plastic containers and spoons as my tools. I don’t use salt, or urea, or any fancy soaps for rinsing.

In the past I have used all the suggested accoutrements and have had varying degrees of success with them. I do use urea and salt when I microwave dye and also when I use the immersion method. But right now, keeping it simple is working best for me.

I used a low immersion method for these pieces and let them sit for a good 24 hours before I rinsed them out. I even cut corners on my rinsing methods today - I unfolded each piece and ran cool water over them to get out the worst of the excess dye. Then I let them sit in a pan of cool water to further disperse the dye molecules. Then I tossed them all in the washer, spun them out, rinsed twice in cold water, then washed them twice in hot water.

 I’m pleased with the results.

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