I come from a long line of sign writers and am happiest with a brush and some paint! Add
paint to fabric and I get really excited!!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Stamping out those urges to clean!

I feel like my house is falling in ruins around me. I have piles of my “stuff”, my creative play tools and materials, everywhere. I have to be careful when I let this happen because eventually it eats at me and then I run in circles tidying and not accomplishing anything creative at all. I purposely refused to schedule any more paying work this week, just to let myself have some creative time. This is also the time when popcorn can be an entree.....

Although I am biting at the bit to finish a quilt on my longarm, I have been doing anything but. I have managed to fill my hallway with piles and piles and tubs and tubs of fabric, all in a feeble attempt to organize, or perhaps integrate the new fabric purchases. I like to mix my fabrics up. That way the newer is not playing so much on my conscience if I don’t see a stack of new stuff shining bright as a new penny (remember those? I loved pennies!). Maybe that is why I always rush to pre-wash my new pieces. Makes me feel like they have been here longer. For whatever reasons, I am organizing. Well, sort of. It should be organized when I am done. I hope.

I have sewn some bindings on so that I have some handwork, if I should happen to remember how to turn my TV on. Don’t ask. I am not technically savvy.

I also started some blocks that I have been wanting to try since my Mom gave me a lovely quilt book last summer. I have some 30’s prints and I love 30’s designs, so it seems I should get myself in gear. My biggest problem is that I am not so great at making repeat blocks. Case in point? I made one and stopped. BUT, I am planning on making more. Just not today.

I have also been sketching. I am a summer sketcher. Maybe it is the light. Maybe it is easier to sketch when you aren’t wearing 3 sweaters and gloves. Anyway, I am doing some of that. And when I was cruisin’ through my moleskin, I apparently was “drawn” to a little flower sketch I did two summers ago. Without really thinking about the process, I replicated it on a piece of Soft Kut and made a stamp. All of a sudden the morning had passed and I have a nice little stack of stamped bits and pieces.

I refined the stamp as I made prints until I was happy with my design. I decided to not carve the centre but will pop some little stamens in with paint later on. I know I drew this from a flower on my deck but it has a Hawaiian feel  to it to me. 
I also decided to try some other stamps that I had been carving in spare minutes. Good thing I did because sometimes I have a tendency to over carve my design and I had been considering taking the knife to them again. I learned I am happy with them just as they are. Well, for now at least.

Reminds me of a cartwheel. Must have been all that Americana influence on the weekend. And the one on the left is blurry because I overprinted it. The gold I used first was too light so I mixed some Green in and printed again. 

I really like using metallic fabric paints for stamping, especially on my hand dyed fabric. I tend to use two colors on each stamp although the ones above are just one. I used two with the odd star design.

I almost didn’t try this stamp, dismissing it as too simple. Ah, sometimes I need to step back and remind myself of that great creative advice: Simplify, Exaggerate, Repeat.....

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  1. Great work Jennifer! Love reorganizing and finding things I had forgotten! Must do it more often! These are lovely stamps and the last one is my favorite!

  2. What wonderful block printing you have done. And I'm sure you will feel better, be more creative, when you have your stuff all back in place. Good work.

  3. Jennifer, we would have such fun together! We seem to be very similar in our creative pursuits.
    I have trouble repeating quilt blocks too so I pack it up and save it for UFO and retreat.

  4. Ha ha! I ended up staying up till after 1 am because I couldn’t stand the clutter in the hallway any longer!! I am so predictable! And thanks! I like the last one even more too now that I played with it a bit and can see the potential! A lesson there, I am sure!

  5. Thanks so much, Ilene! And yes, after staying up last night until the wee hours to get things back in some order, when I walked into my sewing area this morning, I felt energized.! It was nice to re-visit some misplaced tools and put some things back in order after the last creative frenzy! Hopefully now I can move on and get to more fun pursuits!

  6. Well, Holly, we should try to get some play time in together! I also have a hard time seeing a design through to fruition - once I finish the design and work out how it will go together, I lose interest and move onto the next idea. Am trying very hard to follow through more these days.....And I LOVE designs with repeated blocks - I just have such a hard time sewing them allllll.......lol......