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Monday, July 29, 2013

Thelma and Louise Ride Again!

I have been gallivanting!

This weekend the Maine Quilt Show was held in Augusta, Maine. My partner in crime, Nancy aka Louise, and I headed out early Thursday morning and surprised ourselves by arriving in Augusta with a whole afternoon and evening ahead of us! We booked into our hotel, had the best crabcakes at Joyce’s Restaurant overlooking the Kennebec River and then wandered the streets of the mini metropolis of historic Hallowell checking out local handcrafts and of course, a quilt shop.

Thursday evening brought us to the quilt show where I registered for a class on Friday and we enjoyed a champagne preview. Once again it was re-inforced to us that it is indeed a small world when two quilters from Fredericton joined our table as we drank and munched! The wheeled bags they pulled behind them told us they were very savvy, experienced shoppers and armed with tips from them, we made plans for future shopping!

I spent most of Friday taking my first long arm instruction from DeLoa Jones. I feel her rulers are exceptional and extremely user friendly and her class on continuous quilting will definitely be helpful in future projects. DeLoa is relaxed and casual and has almost 35 years of hand and machine customer quilting under her belt. 

I had hoped we would be working on APQS machines, but the local Gammill dealer graciously supplied the machines for this show. After using this machine for a day, I am so incredibly pleased with my Millennium and realize just what a great piece of machinery I own! I was also happy to make the acquaintance of Marcia, the New England APQS dealer. It is great knowing she and her husband are just a phone call, or a 5 hour drive away, should I need assistance! She patiently listened to my frustrations, answered my questions and offered help as well as a spot in her next beginner class so that I can take advantage of my free day of instruction that comes with the purchase of an APQS machine.

The show itself was interesting. It is not a juried show, so you see all levels of quilting. We immediately noted the quantity of machines quilted pieces, as opposed to hand quilted pieces. Even five years ago a lot of viewers were not so very accepting of machine quilting, whereas now they gush and ahhh as they examine the quilting with a close eye. The other interesting thing I noticed was the number of machine quilters. There have got to be soooo many more quilts being produced and completed with that many quilters owning these machines. No wonder quilting in North America is a multi billion dollar industry.

Amazingly, I only took one photo the entire trip! Not like me at all, I know.....
But, truly? I was all shopped out! 

Louise and I had very defined shopping lists! Except when it came to fabric. I am actually very impressed with her restraint, whereas me....well, its a good thing they didn’t weigh the car coming in and out. We did visit the merchants at the show and several quilt shops in the area and tried to do our part to help support the independents. But, I have to admit, when I find great quality fabric at Marden’s for exceptionally low prices, I quickly remember just how hard I work for my money and how nice it is to maximize my limited budget. And I did have specific projects in mind.....though a few extras did make it into my cart.....opps.....

So, I am back home, with a new wardrobe thanks to Kohls and am happily wearing one of my Vera Wang bargains!! It is still raining here, and I have numerous projects spread out and ready to get rolling! Nothing like a trip with a good friend, a change of environment and some fresh supplies to get those creative juices flowing!!



  1. Sounds like a fantastic quilty trip. I haven't been to Marden's for five years or so. When I lived in Saint John, I went there a lot. Fabric heaven!

  2. Sounds like Thelma and Louise had a busy and fun weekend! Glad you got to Marden's too! Great buys in fabric there!

  3. It was! And yeah, Marden’s can be dangerous to your pocket book! We actually closed the one in Waterville!! Wild times on a Friday night! lol

  4. We girls did indeed! It was action packed! And too many great deals in Marden’s.....they give 10% off because of the quilt show and if you buy 10 yards or the rest of the bolt you get another 10%. When some of the prices start at 2 and 3 dollars, you can buy a lot of fabric without planning! opps! I have to get busy! I may drown in fabric soon......