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Friday, July 12, 2013


In this part of the world, we take our summers seriously.

The East coast of Canada is a wonderful, spectacular place to live. Ask anyone who has visited and most will tell you that they will return soon, retire here, buy land here so they can retire here. They love the peace, tranquility and slower pace of living. Atlantic Canadians are friendly and welcoming. Proximity to the ocean is a therapeutic thing; ask anyone who grew up near it and then moved away. We all head to the shore as soon as we can and as we breathe in the salt air, we exhale our worries and stresses into the soft ocean breezes. We don’t even have to touch the waves to feel better; the promise of being able to is enough. 

But, not many outsiders visit in the winter.

Winters here can be harsh. And long. And although we try to embrace them, we are really just marking off the days on the calendar until summer arrives.

Summer is here. It arrived overnight, it seems. Although we watched spring carefully for signs summer would come soon, it still took us by surprise when it showed up with a brilliant sun, greens beyond description, blazing temperatures and that smell.....the one that means renewal and peace. 

My simple little flower boxes are blooming. I eat basil daily from pots on my kitchen deck and I have fragrant fresh rosemary in another if I should decide to ever cook again. I have several types of mint growing that I use for making delicious iced tea. This year I am trying to grow three types of tomatoes in pots on the living room deck where the raccoons do not have access. I am not really a gardener although I realize I am gradually learning bits and pieces as I go. I am trying to remember all those tips my Mom offered me over the years. 

I struggle to find time to create, beyond my bits of garden. But, for today, that is enough.


  1. Marjorie HenwoodJuly 12, 2013 at 4:40 PM

    Wonderful photography Jennifer...

  2. Thanks, Marjorie! It is so hard to capture the true natural beauty with all its details but I keep trying.

  3. You certainly captured our Maritime essence, Jennifer. Now if I could just make a decent glass of iced tea I would be the happiest.

  4. Summer did seem to arrive overnight. You're description of the salt sir and water is so lovely. I do love get in it though.
    I love our winters too and let go of them quite unwillingly at first. I don't enjoy the darkest days of winter but the bright sparkling days of February I love.

  5. Thanks, Linda! My son gave me this wonderful glass set for making iced tea and it couldn’t be easier. Such a lovely refreshing drink!

  6. Thanks, Holly! I just find that each winter is a bit harder to deal with and I struggle through March especially. And I am always cold. Hope you had a great day in our fair town yesterday!

  7. Love this post Jennifer!! Just got back from there on Saturday and I already miss it! Our 3-week vacation was action packed and we can't wait to return in October. Sorry we couldn't meet up during this visit but I promise to make time in October... perhaps a Tim encounter??

  8. Hey Lorette, no worries! Glad you had such a great time that you can’t wait to return! October sounds good although I may have to convince you to meet at another coffee haven.....lol.....I am the rare Canadian aka not a Tim’s fan!

  9. Hahaha! You are definitely that RARE CDN... As long as it's not Starbucks... likewise, I am NOT a fan!