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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Watching tomatoes grow.....

You can’t imagine how much pleasure I get from watching my little pots of tomatoes grow! I am sure I drive everyone right round the bend when I ask repeatedly if they have checked on their growth from day to day! I spend a fair amount of time on the deck, fussing with them. As the sun moves, I move the pots to best advantage and I water, and I fertilize, and I water some more! My joke is that I will have such a huge crop, I will be opening a vegetable stand at the end of my driveway, when the truth is, I just hope I get enough for a couple of lettuce and tomato sandwiches! Ah, that would be bliss!!
I am also enjoying my flowers and although I know I have over crowded my window boxes and pots and beds, I don’t care. They are full of color and fragrance and I simply breathe it all and enjoy the festive atmosphere they create. And the calm.
Dandy pink rise ivy geranium

Pansy in the rain

I love how the rain pools in the petals of the marigolds!

Dandy white rose ivy geranium
I seem to spend entirely too much time taking photos of flowers. But, some days that is all the creativity I have time for. 
Not sure why, but this pansy reminds me of a little man....


  1. I'm kind of crazy about my potted tomatoes and the test of my veggies too. I took out a lot of my flower patch around my deck and put in veggies. I have beans growing up one side.
    Your flower pics are beautiful! Not sure how you see a little man though, lol.

  2. I think it is a good craze to be involved in, eh? I have a hard time with any gardening because of the watering schedule - if I am out of town for even a day, the poor plants suffer. That is no doubt why I am babying these tomatoes! And it’s funny how you get a vision in your head - but I am reminded of a little old fells every time I look at that pansy! Too much sun maybe......lol

  3. Beautiful pictures Jennifer! Don't see that man in the pansy! HMMM??? heehee!

  4. Thanks, Lorette! I may be losing my mind....or staring at those flowers too long.....lol