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Monday, March 3, 2014

More Classes at Road to California 2014

Looking back, I might have registered for classes that covered a larger variety of techniques. Maybe taking classes from instructors I wasn’t really familiar with might have been good, too. But, that is a hard call when you are picking cold turkey. Trying to get a working schedule was our aim and feathers was our focus, but we did take other classes on other themes as well. We packed that week and after our first big breath, we paced ourselves, crashed early and tried to stay hydrated and rested.

Wednesday saw us back in Gina Perkes's classroom. Gina is not only a great quilter, she is simply a lovely person. She is genuine and sweet and very talented. Her class handouts are detailed and I learned a lot from her. Her Mom and I chatted a bit while she sat near my machine and knit, and I also took a break and worked the room (as folk who know me know I am apt to do) and met some wonderful quilters from the US. There was a real mix of quilters, including a charming mother daughter duo. Another fellow classmate, Bonnie gave me some great ideas about where Rejean and I should visit once Road was over. Actually Bonnie provided me with lots of laughs as she would burst into a somewhat off-key version of, “Oh, Canada,” every time she saw me after that, no matter where we met! So funny!
The entrance and hallway of the convention centre 

After a day of stitching “Beauteous Blocks and Borders” with Gina, that evening was the Road's Show Preview Night. Our registration gave us two hours to go view the shows and perhaps rub shoulders with a few quilting “supa stars”..
This is just a taste of the shows inside..
To say the quilts were spectacular is an understatement. Lorette and I methodically worked the aisles and were amazed over and over at the workmanship, the detail, the expertise. Our new BFF, Karen Sievert’s quilt sported a first place rosette for Traditional, Large, Pieced and we were thrilled to see it in person. It was difficult to get a close up because of the way they quilts were displayed so I know you can’t see, but the white area of this quilt is covered in crystals! You can see a detail photo of this beautiful quilt on Karen’s website.


  1. It was a great week Jennifer and what made it extra fun was that we got to meet so many other ladies from Canada in our classes and while looking for a shady spot to have lunch! Karen's quilt is gorgeous but it would have been brilliant to see it up close and personal.

  2. It was a great week and we did meet some great people, Canadians included! I am hoping Karen’s quilt will be included in some publication so we can see it a bit closer.