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Thursday, March 27, 2014

The quilt may look like spring, but that’s where it ends...

Atlantic Canada is currently being bombed by what social media has dubbed, “White Juan 2”. The winds are strong and blowing up to 100 kms/hr, the snow is falling and blowing and visibility is almost nil. Our shores are being threatened with surges and many are without power. No one feels better knowing Cape Breton and Newfoundland will be getting this intense low pressure system much worse than we have...because they always get it worse than we do.

The weather reports tell us the sun will be shining here tomorrow morning and on Saturday the temperature should reach 10 degrees. Right.

Well, meanwhile indoors, I have been working on numerous projects, many of them customer quilts. This is one I recently completed and if it doesn’t remind one of spring, I don’t know what does.

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  1. I've been seeing lots of pictures of the snow in NS - such a winter you've all been having on the east coast. I hope this is the last of it! The quilt really is spring-like!

  2. Very pretty and great quilting Jennifer. Wind was the worst part of that snow storm yesterday and it's still blowing! Not snowing though.

  3. We have certainly gotten our share of snow and cold this winter/spring in the Atlantic. We have the thickest ice ever in the Gulf of St Lawrence - so, will we have beach days this year?? Hmmm...Thanks for visiting! Even if to hear me complain..lol...I always try to include eye candy when I whine!

  4. Thanks, Lorette! I can’t decide if it was the wind or the snow that was the worst..We have so much snow and it is still so cold. There is a lot of cabin fever going on in these parts..

  5. "The winds of spring" would make a nice name for this quilt, you did some lovely quilting on it.

  6. Thanks so much, Regina and I love that name! It does suit it! Thanks!