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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Non-commital Piecing and Baked Goods

Here are some glimpses at a couple of projects I have on the go right now. 

The finished (yippee!) quilt top is called Garden Fence and is a quick, easy top to put together. I am not usually a repeat, multiple block kind of sewer, but this top really appealed to me for the person I intend it. I think Bali Batiks suit it very well, I had just enough of the sashing fabric, and the backing I picked up in Maine last summer will be perfect. Now, to decide how I want to quilt it..

The other project is an easy 2.5 inch strip project. So far I have cut a selection of green fabrics into this width strip and now I am sewing them together in groups of 3 and 5. It is non-commital sewing and just right for breaks from my other work. And playing with placement of the strips and the resulting blocks I cut from the sewn strips will be downright fun.
I quit the kitchen once my kids left for University and Rejean willingly picked up the slack, with great style I might add! He hasn’t expresses any interest as yet in baking, so every once in a while I indulge and that usually means muffins.
My well loved copy of Mom’s blueberry muffins
Today I made these super delicious blueberry muffins from my Mom’s tried and true recipe, using lovely New Brunswick blueberries picked by my sweet and talented sister-in-law, Pauline.

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  1. Ok...hungry now!! lol. I love your garden fence quilt. Mine is still waiting to be quilted.

  2. Those look awfully delicious!! Thanks for sharing your mom's treasured recipe! I love that Garden Fence pattern and the batiks are beautiful! Can't wait to see how you quilt it. Still intrigued with the green stips!! :)

  3. I have some of her blueberries in my freezer too. They look delicious!
    I'm also making the Garden Fence. It's so easy to piece and I like its modern look.

  4. Michèle-Renée CharbonneauMarch 6, 2014 at 7:54 AM

    MMMmmm...NB blueberry muffins! My taste buds are tingling. Your Garden Fence is looking great, Jennifer.

  5. I didn’t realize what a popular pattern Garden Fence is! It sure is a quick, pretty quilt and it seems to lend itself to any type fabric, doesn’t it? Can’t wait to see yours finished!

  6. They are good muffins..I could live on muffins, I think..And the green quilt is starting to shape up. Actually, I think I have enough for two! Opps!

  7. Those blueberries are soooo tasty! I try to get some from her every year. I really like the Garden Fence pattern, too. A quick sew and so many possibilities!

  8. Thanks, M-R! Blueberries do grow well here in the Maritimes - I think it is the sea air..lol Hoping to quilt the Garden Fence this weekend. I just have to stop changing my mind on how I am stitching it..